What Techniques Are Included in the Gray Strategy

We’ve already explained what Gray Hat SEO is , so it’s time to learn about the optimization techniques that are on the edge.

Editing existing content
The greatest value of any website is its content. It is the main source of evaluation for web robots. We should try to ensure that the content is original, original, valuable and linguistically correct.

Copying existing content is a copyright infringement, which is part of Black Hat SEO. However, what if we base on the current text and edit it, giving it a new quality? This is one of the elements of Gray Hat SEO, one of the shades of gray that does not violate the search engine rules, but may be assessed differently during indexing.

Automatic generation of comments and opinions

Acquiring valuable links in a short time
Every website tries to gain as many dofollow links as possible, which Ws Database convey SEO power, which is important in Google’s eyes . However, if this happens too quickly, the Penguin algorithm may detect manipulation on the part of the user, which is why a diversified link profile is so important.

The question is what number is natural and how many links per day can you get (this question borders on Gray Hat SEO)? Google does not provide specific numbers here, because it depends on the history of the verified domain. So you can try to push this limit at your own risk.

Acquiring Valuable Links in a Short Time Every Website

Obtaining links from Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is the second generation of networking that allows users to interact with websites. It is a great opportunity to acquire nofollow links, which are particularly important in the context of long-term link building.

We are talking here primarily about forums, blogs and social media, where Phone Number content is created directly by users (customers). It’s worth putting links to your website there, but it’s easy to spam. Therefore, you need to focus on the appropriate anchor and building the link to make it look natural (which is part of Gray Hat SEO).

Domain capture
Taking over an expired or newly created domain is one of the most common Gray Hat SEO practices . The idea is to take over links collected on other websites to expand your website.

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