What is Gray Hat SEO Be between White Hat SEO

To clarify, the concept of White Hat SEO means activities consistent with search engine guidelines. This is a long-term process that ensures the highest quality of the website and its security.

This strategy is based on on-site and off-site activities, which include, among others: creating valuable content, matching keywords, optimizing meta tags and creating a natural link profile.

In opposition is Black Hat SEO, the use of unethical techniques that allow for quick results at a low cost. They impose bans and filters on their users, Google penalties – from several months’ bans to complete removal from the rankings.

Editing existing content Acquiring valuable links in a short time

This involves: hiding and masking content, overusing keywords, publishing low-quality content, using link farms, and even hacking.

It would seem that this is the end. Experts and website owners sometimes use yet another Phone Number technique. Gray Hat SEO what is it? These are activities balancing on the border between regulations and guidelines.

They are not recommended by Google, but at the same time they are not banned. However, they require extensive knowledge, skills and knowledge of the rules, because one mistake can have serious consequences.

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