How to measure the success of video campaigns

How to measure Online video is one of the most prominent digital formats used by advertisers, and as demonstrated by the IAB Spain report dedicated to the format in 2018, 95% of the Internet audience between 16 and 65 years old consume this type of video. contents. The objective of the advertising industry. Therefore , the media is to analyze how users. Their potential clients, relate to these videos and what results it generates in their campaigns. With this challenge, ADman Media. An international platform specialized in programmatic advertising solutions based on artificial intelligence. Together with its Canadian parent company Acuity. Have carried out research whose conclusions are collected in the study . Therefore , the new media currency” (La Attention: the new media currency). the new media currency). The participation of Portada, a Pan-American network of networking and marketing solutions.

Among the main conclusions

Collected in this study, in which more than 160 Hispanic American brand managers and executives and media planners participated, it stands out that although 99% of marketing Qatar Email List professionals include online video in their digital strategies. Only one 47% consider that their pieces capture at least 50% of the consumer’s attention (full attention is considered the complete viewing of the video). This Attention figure is reduced to 12% for those surveyed who estimate that their videos receive the consumer’s full attention. While 18% believe that the reproduction of their pieces barely exceeds a quarter of the time. ADMANInsights to run successful video campaigns The study “Attention: The New Media Currency” considers it essential to be clear about the main objectives that are sought to be achieved.

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How to measure as Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy

Officer of AcuityAds, explains: «Attention refers to the time you spend viewing the ad. Measured by the percentage of people who see it in its entirety; Engagement Australia Email List is linked to the actions that derive from viewing. Liking, sharing the content or commenting on it. “Both attention and engagement have different implications. Therefore respond to different objectives.” Attention is more related to brand image and engagement. With purchase intention . Taking into account that 65% of the managers consulted in the study. Therefore , main objective to influence the brand value greater knowledge, preference and purchase intention.

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