The advantages of betting on micro-influencers

The advantages Influencers are defined as ” those people who, due to their knowledge, position or popularity. Have the ability to influence the actions and decisions of other individuals.” But what are the main types of influencers? What are the differences between celebrities, macro-influencers and micro-influencers? Which ones should be chosen for a digital strategy? Súmate , an international Digital Marketing agency, analyzes the different influencers that can be found today based on the size of their community as the first differentiating element and, especially. On the importance that micro-influencers are gaining more and more, since It is not only the size of the audience that is important: also the interaction they get and having a segmented audience. Thus, they mainly define three profiles Celebrity. They are people whose popularity is due to their activity outside the networks.

They are also characterized

Having audiences of more than 1,000,000 followers. A clear example of this type of personality is Elsa Pataky, known for her professional career as an actress, whose success Iran Email List is also reflected in her social networks. – Influencer or macro-influencer. This type of personality has managed to capture the attention of more than 100,000 followers. He is known mainly for his activity on social networks, whether through Instagram. YouTube or a blog, and is characterized by being a born content creator. In addition, it has a large community and a great reach in its publications.

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One of the advantages of collaborating

With these types of influencers is that they are used to working with brands. An example is María Pombo, one of the most important influencers in Spain, who collaborates with Qatar Phone Number List recognized brands. – Micro-influencer: they are users with a much smaller community. Equally interesting: they are normally followed by less than 10,000 users. They stand out for addressing more specific audiences. They achieve a closer relationship with their followers, given the closeness and constant dialogue with them. For example, this is the case of Ana, better known as HendayeStyle, who mainly focuses her activity on generating content related to the ‘slow life’ and who proposes topics related to family, fashion, yoga, cooking or decor.

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