HEINEKEN deploys the most complete range of beers in its history

HEINEKEN deploys Spain has presented at Next Gate 4 the launches for an extraordinary year in terms of consumer offering, in which the company incorporates into its portfolio a wide range of proposals adapted to all types of tastes, until now unprecedented in Spain. In fact, innovation, understood as a transversal element of all of HEINEKEN’s activity, is also its main driver of growth. With the innovations of 2019, the leading brewer in innovation in Spain reaffirms its commitment to revitalizing the sector, responding to the latest market trends and reaffirming its commitment to our country with a new offer that recovers brands deeply rooted in the imagination of the Spanish consumers.

As a result the company starts 2019

With a large number of launches that highlight its proximity to the consumer, its strong ties to the regions in which it operates and its approach to the craft Taiwan Email List segment. Among them, the return of brands such as El Águila or El Alcázar , the alliance with the craft brewer La Cibeles or the arrival of Lagunitas on the Spanish market stand out . In the words of Richard Weissend, president of HEINEKEN Spain : “This year’s launches help us to have a more complete portfolio than ever, aimed at satisfying all types of tastes. At HEINEKEN we are very proud of our family legacy, our entrepreneurial spirit and our multi-local approach, which combines international strength with a way of working unique to each country.

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Us to provide value in Spain for 115 years, supporting its community, understanding the diversity of a market that is highly regionalized and constantly Thailand Email List innovating. El Águila or El Alcázar are excellent examples of this: two local brands that are part of our history, that the consumer asked us to recover, and that have returned inspired by their origins, but loaded with modernity; that have allowed us to sophisticate our production processes, innovate with new ingredients and take advantage of the best raw materials, such as Madrid water; two brands that top the list of launches that will make this an unbeatable year,” continues Richard Weissend . Also conquering new followers with an exceptional flavor proposal.

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