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Design sustainable on many occasions we have read about the importance of reducing the use of plastics. A step that goes far beyond the traditional good habit of recycling. Without a doubt, plastic has been a huge advance for industries such as transportation or food, among many other sectors. However reducing its use is one of the keys to sustainable development . Many times we have heard about the plastic rings that are used to group soda or alcoholic beverage cans: we are supposed to break them before throwing them in the trash or recycling bin so that fish and small land animals do not get left behind. tangled in them. Well. It seems that we are facing an urban legend .

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Element, plastic rings, became popular throughout the 1970s and at that time posed a major environmental problem. However, since the 90s there have been laws Sweden Email List that force manufacturers to generate these rings from photodegradable materials capable of disintegrating within a few weeks. This myth has continued to spread like any self-respecting urban legend. Although the effect of cutting up these rings does not contribute much from an environmental point of view, it can help accelerate their disintegration, so do not stop doing it . The optimal approach for the environment, as we said, is more in the reduction of use or even the total elimination of plastic than in its recycling, which is why actions such as the one taken last summer by the well-known beer brand are more than adequate.

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Using a highly technologically complex glue

The units are joined together without the need for plastics. Through this measure, Carlsberg hopes to reduce its use of plastic by up to 76% compared to Malaysia Email List traditional packs . The reduction of plastics is not the only measure that the brand has implemented in pursuit of sustainability. Also through technology, it has developed certified silver inks on its labels that improve the recyclability of the containers , as well as a treatment for its returnable glass bottles that extends their useful life. Technological development is a great ally for sustainable development , and betting on sustainability will be what allows companies to continue billing in the future.

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