Social Insurance Rates

Expect Companies to Offer Opt-In Programs for “Social Insurance Rates” To combat the above mentioned risks. I would expect health and insurance companies to offer an opt-in method for existing wellness programs to be extended to tools like online education courses. Participating in wellness programs with peers (like Nike Plus) or allowing members to submit location based checkins to the gym. Healthy eating. And other pro-health activities. We should expect that a forward-thinking insurance or wellness company offers an online incentive based program to encourage members.

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Become more educated, and live a healthy lifestyle. (The Social CRM Pioneers online group is already have a discussion around this topic, join in here). Update: Marketing Vox has extended the conversation and pointing out some other examples of how financial services firms are looking at social data. See how Rapleaf aggregates your online Australia WhatsApp Number List reputation, and how financial services firms are using it. I assert this isn’t much different than credit scoring systems already in place. ) Update Nov 21, 2010: NYT Article New York Times: Insurers Test Data Profiles to Identify Risky Clients.

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Viewpoints in the comments, there’s already signs that insurers are exploring new types of data, here’s a quote on how some data companies are scraping social info: “Increasingly, some gather online information, including Nigeria Telegram Number from social-networking sites. Acxiom Corp., one of the biggest data firms, says it acquires a limited amount of “public” information from social-networking sites, helping “our clients to identify active social-media users, their favorite networks, how socially active they are versus the norm, and on what kind of fan pages they participate.”

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