Roadmap Integrating Social Technologies

Corporate websites were irrelevant. Why? Decisions were being made off-domain. By customers and peers. Secondly, many marketers were trying to get customers. To go to their corporate website versus joining where they already are. “Fish where the fish are.” Today, I’m pleased to see that the thinking –and technology, has emerged. Where we’re finding a variety of companies that are integrating social technologies right into the corporate website. Bringing the trusted discussions closer to the corporate site.

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I’m kicking off the Gilbane CMS conference in SF as the keynote, and will be sharing this deck live on stage. Making your Corporate Website Relevant View more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang. Although the highest state of nirvana (seamless integration) doesn’t yet exist, we should expect there to be very little difference Colombia WhatsApp Number List between social technologies and corporate websites as content will assemble on the fly. I predict URLs won’t matter, as content will be dynamically assembled around the buyer and their context in a variety of devices. Sure, that’s far out thinking now.

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That’s why we have several

other stage gates that companies must first go through. In fact, use this presentation (loosely modeled after a post of the same topic) as a roadmap for brands, web strategists, and the vendors that serve them. Feel free to use these slides Arabia Email List with attribution. Thanks to our head of Research, Christine Tran for her assistance. Related Resources Usually when I start these lists, it starts with just a handful (there’s just 5 listed below) in the case of the community platform space, it grew to be over 100 vendors.

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