Print advertising continues to impact the consumer

Print advertising  E-commerce giants such as fashion retailer Zalando and tour operator Dreamlines, which have grown with digital business, have realized that they can better reach their targets through printed material . They all offer their most important clients their own high-quality magazines , because communication channels have to do, above all, with something that many advertisers often overlook in their blind illusion for the online: the mood of the recipient. . Companies that did not blindly invest everything in online advertising during the digital boom now benefit from it. The shirt manufacturer Olymp, for example, has more than tripled its sales in the last ten years, with a consistent strategy adapted to printing .

Meta analysis

This is one of the many lessons learned from  The Power of Print . For more than a year, the German organization Multisense Institut für sensorisches Marketing has analyzed Japan WhatsApp Number Data more than 300 international studies on the advertising impact of printing and its finishes commissioned by Creatura. According to the analysis, print advertising still represents up to 60% of retail companies’ communication , and catalogs have not yet disappeared. IKEA is the strongest catalog distributor, with around 30 million printed copies. Even companies like Zalando or Airbnb, which started as simple online players, now rely on print magazines to continue taking care of their customers and acquire new ones. Touch and trust The meta-analysis deals above all with the psychological effect of the impression .

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It concludes that paper

with its multisensory properties, has a greater impact on our brains: people understand information better and can remember it more easily when they see it in print Italy Telegram Number rather than on the screen. Furthermore, color images are more recognizable than black and white motifs. Fragrance also contributes greatly to product recognition, and three-dimensional representations double the recall rate. Above all, keep in mind that high-quality papers and finishing can increase brand trust. Printed products can make a product benefit noticeable. Therefore, when selecting a paper, marketers should also consider the surface structure, because it conveys the message. For example, in one study, respondents rated a running shoe as more robust when it was advertised on a rough surface paper rather than a smooth surface. Cross-media communication But focusing only on print or just digital is not the way to go.

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