First Take Analysis Jive Fills Warchest

Customer Strategy both founding partners at Altimeter Group Community Platforms Evolve to Social Business Category Having tracked the social business category for some years now, and have been watching the category grow. And expand into other niches. At first, the community platform space (like Jive) was insular. Focused on only on enterprise communities, but has now grown into Social CRM, Application Platforms, Social Media Management Systems, Brand Monitoring, corporate email systems and eventually to deliver a customer experience that’s native to the customer.

It may be social

It may be mobile, it may take even radical forms in including in store displays. The Situation C Round Funding Jive, who recently raised a $15mm in 2007 has capped off their war chest with a hefty $30mm ‘C round’ for a total of $57.5 million in total. Why this large amount? ‘D rounds’ are virtually non-existent out of Sand Belgium WhatsApp Number List Hill road, and if they need investment they’ll have to get from a partner corporation. Altimeter Group SWOT Analysis Strengths: Jive has been hailed as a leader in the social software class, (Forrester Wave, and three Gartner Quadrants), and continues.

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To show growth

With large clients, claiming sales in the range of “$75,000-$150,000 per customer, closed ten $1 million deals, four of which closed in the last two quarters. While Jive is not yet cash-flow positive, he company has 3,000 customers, 15 million users, and will end the year on a $100 million run-rate” (source). Their recent acquisition Malaysia Phone Number List of brand monitoring company FiltrBox demonstrates the pre-cursor of SCRM systems, and have made a variety of strategic partnership including with early-to-market social business consultants Dachis Group. They’ve recently hired a new CEO, Tony Zingale who is a seasoned leader of Mercury Interactive, where he clinched $1B revenues and lead a $5B acquisition to HP. s more.

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