Foot Locker goes back to the ’90s to celebrate Nike Air Max Day

Foot Locker ‘s new digital campaign , created by the agency Laundry Service , is full of ’90s nostalgia. Foot Locker in the 1990s, there have been a series of advertisements that take you back in time. The campaign launched yesterday for Nike Air Max Day, compiling its content into a network, ‘Discover Your Air Network’, which will continue across Foot Locker’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat channels. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here .

Nike Air Max

We set out to reveal some of our best of the season, along with publishing our own creative content that brings our #DiscoverYourAir platform to life for our Denmark Telegram Number Data sneaker community,” said Patrick Walsh, vice president of marketing at Foot Locker. North America. “By creating Foot Locker’s own network, we are celebrating the timelessness of Nike Air and bringing together some of the biggest trendsetters to celebrate Nike Air Max Day,” added Walsh. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . Our goal was to unite the nostalgia of the past and the current cultural moment.

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The target audience

Ranges from “sneakerheads” who fondly remember the early 90s to new fans who were not yet born in those years. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . Although the USA Email List campaign “formally and aesthetically” embraces ’90s trends, “the casting. Comedic voice and distribution approach” are contemporary. Regarding the digital nature of the campaign, Fox explained that “the entire target audience spends most of their time on social networks , so we wanted to position ourselves where they are.” “It’s easy to forget the deep value and credibility that can be gained from entertaining people and making them happy. We are fortunate to have partners who accept it,” concluded the director of Laundry Services.

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