How and what consumer opinions affect the SEO of an online store

Virtually Everyone Has Opinions. According to Podium, as Many as 93% of Customers Make Purchase Decisions Based on Them. Therefore, It is Worth Ensuring That There Are Plenty of Them and That They Are Up to Date. Well-collected and Managed Opinions Will Not Only Increase Sales Conversion, but Can Also Improve the Seo of Your Store. You Just Need to Make Sure That Customer Reviews Contain Keywords.

Opinions and SEO what opinions work

It’s Worth Starting With the Fact Whatsapp Data That the Average Market Length of an Opinion is About 20 Characters With Spaces – Not Much, Right? A Representative Example of the Content of Such a Statement is “Everything is Ok, I Recommend It.” Even Though It is Relatively Positive, It is of No Great Value Either to the Buyer, Because It Does Not Refer to Any Specific Features of the Product or Service, or to Seo, Because It Does Not Contain Keywords. This Conclusion Brings Us to the First Feature of Good Reviews – They Should Be Long and Refer to a Specific Service or Product .

How to ensure the length of an opinion

The Previously Mentioned Character Phone Number AU  Length of the Opinion Does Not Come Out of Nowhere. Long and Detailed Content Usually Appears More Often in the Case of Negative Ratings. Under the Influence of Emotions, Customers Describe in Detail and at Length the Reasons for Their Dissatisfaction. However, in the Case of Positive Reviews, the Situation is Completely Different and Consumers Are More Economical With Their Words.

This is Well Illustrated by the Example of an Iron – When Asked Suddenly, a Consumer Will Have Difficulty Finding the Right Words to Evaluate It and Will Most Likely Say That It is a Great Iron and Irons Well. HoweverFrom the Perspective of Searching for Such a Product, the Situation Will Be Completely Different, Because the Consumer Will Look for a Product Taking Into Account His Specific Requirements. For Example.

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