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From our quantitative and qualitative study about the findings. Expect us to share more helpful data to marketers over the coming weeks. Altimeter clients can contact us for more details from the specific criteria. Data, screenshots and scorecard. [A fundamental mindset change must occur as brands approach social networks. In addition to interactive marketing (human-to-computer) brands must add social marketing (peer-to-peer) to their playbook.] In the below graphic. We’ve aggregated the scores of the 30 brands to find out which of the criteria they’re good. 

Which ones there are missed opportunities

We’ve then provided additional analysis on why we think brands scored this way, and some recommendations to improve. Research Graphic: Brands Great at Messaging and Branding –Yet Lack at Setting Expectations, Peer to Peer, and Advovacy Facebook Page Performance: 30 Brands Against 8 Criteria Criteria How They Japan WhatsApp Number List Scored Our Take: Why Brands Performed This Way How Brands Can Improve Their Score Set Community Expectations 2.08 (Immature or”Take off”) Brands failed to be clear why they were doing a Facebook effort, likely due to the fact that they jumped into the the social network bandwagon. Most brands are experimenting, and are unable. 

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To articulate their purpose

Clearly have a business objective and be sure the site goals cascades these objectives. By not doing so, sets company up for a potential backlash as unchecked or unsolved customer woes can quickly cascade to their friends, we had to move Vietnam Phone Number List into new offices in March. I can’t say thank you enough to all my colleagues who believed enough in Altimeter to leave their jobs and join a start-up. All of this growth wouldn’t have been possible without our clients. In the past year, 109 companies put their trust in our new firm to help them with their toughest strategic and technology problems. We’ve flown all over the country and the world to meet with them, because even in a world transformed by new communication. 

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