Your efforts against Nestle

Modern corporation’s marketing efforts. You had an existing online community. Marketing materials (videos, logos) and a clear “call to action” for your supporters. That was executed quickly and effectively How were you able to pull this off? Kenyon: Greenpeace’s online campaigns against Nestlé and BP are some parts coordination. Some parts opportunity, and most importantly rely on people’s support. Without individuals commenting and sharing the “‘Have a Break?” There is no better example of the importance of engaging and empowering our supporters than the Kit Kat campaign.

Video on Facebook

Their other social profiles it would never have reached over 1.5 million views or caused such an uproar. Coordination is important but as you can never plan for everything online, we found we also needed to be ready to react quickly as things developed. We could not know that Nestlé would request that YouTube block our Indonesia WhatsApp Number List video within a few hours of it being uploaded, but when that happened we were able to replace it quickly on Vimeo. The blocking of the video went on to drive views on the video and generated interest that we could never have predicted in the planning of the campaign.

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Tell me about your internal structure of your social technology team, how many folks do you have working on this? Kenyon: We have 28 offices worldwide and people working on the social media aspect of communications in most Qatar Phone Number List of these offices, most often in addition to another role. The number of people working in each office varies, but together we have a very effective global team. Owyang: How do you work with your community to achieve your objectives? Kenyon: Greenpeace is its supporter base. Without them we would not be here.

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