Greenpeace had already established

But they were not taking action to deal with the problem. When the time came, Greenpeace and Nestlé talked directly in order to reach an agreement. Greenpeace engages with companies and governments at key times in all of its campaigns in order to create change. Owyang: What should we expect in the social technology arena from Greenpeace in the future? Will you increase your usage in this space and, if so, by how much? Kenyon: Greenpeace will continue to campaign online. How our presence will grow and change will depend on how the online networks and tools available grow and change.

Greenpeace aims

To be an agent of change. We are interested in enabling others to demand a better world and online social media helps us do that. As an organization, the last year saw us reach 1 million supporters on Facebook alone. This kind of support empowers us, and our hope is to empower those supporters in return to have civil courage Ecuador WhatsApp Number List and to amplify their voices when they speak out against injustice or for a better world. As we face the greatest threat to our planet, climate change, civil courage and the online spaces where it is expressed will be crucial. Greenpeace will maintain a strong presence in social media, using the latest tools and communication channels.

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Where it is effective

To challenge those who are involved in environmental destruction. It’s impossible to predict exactly where social media is going next so it’s hard to say exactly what you should expect but we will definitely continue to use creative China Phone Number List online campaigning tactics to create change. Also contributing: Charlene Li and Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group and Victoria Taylor from Jeremiah Owyang, a Web strategist, is partner, customer strategy, at Altimeter Group. We encourage companies to get ready for social media attacks by getting prepared internally first, watch our webinar to learn how.

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