What is Google Tag Manager and how to use it

Among the Many Services Offered by Google to Improve the Management of Seo Processes is Gtm. What is This Tool? Its Main Use is to Add and Configure Scripts to a Website, Which Are Called Tags – Hence the Name of This Service. In Google Tag Manager, You Can Control Them in a Transparent Way From One Place. The Scripts Themselves Can, in Turn, Be Used to Analyze Various Types of Data Regarding the Operation of the Website and Users’ Interactions With the Website. The Information Obtained in This Way is Invaluable When Taking Actions to Increase Conversions or Accurately Track Traffic.

How to install Google Tag Manager

After Successful Connection With Whatsapp Deatabas Tag Assistant, You Will Be Redirected to the Subpage Whose Address You Provided in the Previous Point, Additionally, Information About the Connection Should Appear in the Lower Right Corner.
At This Point, You Can Click on Any Element of the Page and Then Go to the Tag Assistant Tab.
The Click Event Should Appear in the Left Panel . If This Does Not Happen, Try Clicking Another Item. If the Event is Still Missing, You May Need to Create a Tag First (Which Will Be Described Later in the Article).

The structure of Google Tag Manager

Before You Start Using Google Phone Number  Tag Manager, First Familiarize Yourself With the Terminology of This Tool and Its Structure. An Account Consists of Containers That Contain Tags, Rules and Variables.
Containers Are Codes Implemented on the Website That Store Other Structure Elements and Enable the Website to Be Connected to Google Tag Manager.

Tags Enable the Transfer of Data From the Website and Are Used to Install Specific Tools on the Website.
Rules in Turn, Are Responsible for Defining the Conditions Under Which Tags Can Be Activated on the Page.
Variables Are Used in Tags and Rules. They Store Values ​​that Change.

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