Choosing the best project of the festival has been very hard work

Choosing the the 2019 Inspirational Awards present many new features compared to previous editions; among them, the formation of the jury, which this year has a jury and a grand jury. Chaired by Gonzalo Figari. For the Head of Disruption in Spain for all Dentsu brands. Creativity has been one of the characteristics that has been most valued in the projects presented to this festival. A few days before the 2019 Inspirational Awards. At we interviewed Gonzalo Figar i, who tells us more details about this festival, its jury, and what his participation as president means to him.

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Every day I feel like the first day I started. What does it mean to be the president of the 2019 Inspirational Awards jury? First Greece WhatsApp Number Data of all, an honor. I am delighted that the IAB has selected me to develop this role. It has been a great responsibility. Fortunately, I have met a very senior jury, people of a high level and with whom it has been very easy to carry out the voting. You have extensive experience as a jury in competitions, such as CdeC, Sol, Ojo, or Cannes 2. Does this represent recognition of your career and your professionalism? Every day I feel like the first day I started working in advertising.

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Digital communication project

Any of the other members of the jury could have been the president, they were all very qualified for it and it was a luxury to spend time Egypt Telegram Number with them. Being different, new and unique. Opening a new path. Being bold in your approach. Courage is the first cousin of innovation. Exciting and full of learning┬╗ As head of disruption at Dentsu, one of his tasks is to find ideas that become businesses. What value does creativity acquire in this contest? Creativity is the main speaker of this speech. Creativity is a constant practice.

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