Why personalized technological gifts continue to succeed as promotional

The consumption patterns of today’s society point to the digital world, there is no doubt about that. The use of smartphones is continuous why personalized and intensive and new generations have changed the focus of advertising strategies towards the online sphere. However, and despite the power with which digital marketing has been established in the world of the internet and social networks, an advertising line outside of 2.0, but linked to it, continues to make its mark and grow strongly in the sector : Promotional gifts . Marin Software study the figure is even higher if we look at the desktop environment.

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The recent increase in the cost of  is, in addition, the definitive reason that leads many brands to refocus their strategy towards promotional gifts. And to explain South Africa Phone Number Data why personalized USB flash drives , headphones, speakers and personalized external batteries continue to succeed as promotional gifts . It is a general fact. The competition of companies to position their keywords in search engines and social networks has caused a progressive increase in the Cost Per Click (CPC) of advertising campaigns in the digital environment. Therefore, on mobile phones, this increase is approximately 25% annually, according to a Marin Software study from 2018, and the figure is even higher if we look at the desktop environment.

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Google Adwords price per click increases

are the order of the day , and the uncertainty of this evolution generates concern in marketing departments. Faced with Iran Phone Number List this insecurity, it is logical to understand that many brands have refocused their strategy towards safer paths . Therefore, marketing departments see it more and more clearly: they need to reduce the cost of their campaigns as much as possible and find in promotional gifts the way to get the brand to the public in an effective and efficient way,” says Diederik de Koning, founding partner.

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