Wunderman Thompson Wins Duracell Global Creative Account

Ipsos , the third largest independent market research company in the world, has launched Simstore, a platform that offers a set of solutions for point-of-sale research . To successfully compete in today’s omnichannel world. Wunderman Thompson Simstore provides actionable insights into how shoppers make decisions . This helps to improve decision making. Optimize the conditions at the point of sale and the design of product packaging. Supported by a team of point-of-sale and retail experts. Ipsos Simstore offers tests in realistic and highly accurate scenarios. Including 2D and 3D shelf views, 360° store views and e-commerce recreations.

Simstore is able to provide highly curated

virtual environments of a wide range of sales channels in physical and online stores and a highly predictive verified approach to sales New Zealand Phone Number Data in the market, in addition to a suite of automated solutions. It is available in 89 countries. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . According to María José Lechuga. Head of the shopper area at Ipsos. “Simstore is helping our clients answer their most pressing business questions related to the current ‘ phygital ‘ shopper environment . “Simstore is fast, optimized and verified – making it perfect for evaluating and optimizing shopper marketing and category management in realistic recreations of a normal shopping environment.” Javier Maldonado, Chief Innovation Officer at Ipsos. Adds: “Simstore is an ideal approach for evaluating packaging designs in a realistic retail and e-commerce environment .

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This efficient and highly flexible

virtual tool allows customers to evaluate a multitude of packaging designs before even building prototypes.”The Duracell brand has Estonia Phone Number List appointed the recently merged Wunderman Thompson as global creative agency for its international markets with the exception of the North America region which is in the hands of Wieden+Kennedy New York. In this way, the company culminates a 4-month process during which it has studied the proposals of more than 10 agencies with the help of the firm Flock Associated.

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