Prebid’s biggest challenge is to solve latencies”, E. Blanc (Grupo Zeta)

In the context of programmatic advertising, new trends have emerged, such as Header Bidding , which is constantly growing. Prebid’s biggest head of programmatic at Godó Strategies , Enrique Blanc , director of programmatic and digital strategy at Grupo Zeta and Alberto González Sena , director of digital advertising and programmatic operations at Grupo Vocento , participated as panelists in this round table , and it included the participation of Sara Buluggiu , Managing Director of Rubicon Project in Italy, Spain and MENA, as moderator.The digital marketing agency DDIBI has just announced that it is incorporating programmatic advertising into its services to optimize its clients’ investment.

Prebid companies implemented

Speed ​​is one of the concerns of companies Sara was interested in when each of the and how their evolution has been; Marc commented UK Phone Number Data in this regard that Godó Strategies implemented it two years ago, and regarding this, he noted: “at the moment we are not being as fast as we would like, but the evolution is good.” To this he added that when you start from scratch, as was the case, the evolution is more noticeable, and that, until now, the company’s biggest concern has been the issue of latency . Thanks to the conversion to sales in CPL models in programmatic buying, the agency complements the end-to-end work .

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Challenge of implementing AMP

This year we have the ,” González added. Zeta Group introduced Prebid in 2017; Initially they introduced it in sports and later they transferred Qatar Phone Number List it to the other places, explained Enrique Blanc. “Currently we have two or three fixed prebids and a fourth or fifth that are moving,” added the company’s director of programmatic and digital strategy. For Zeta, it would be ideal to bring on a person solely dedicated to Prebid,” she added. Combines it with its experience in leveraging its clients’ data and the centralized data management platform (DMP).

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