The Smile Festival 2019 rewards the humor of Distrito Agencia

The independent advertising agency from Madrid. Distrito Agencia, has been awarded twice at the Smile Festival 2019. Rewarding the use of humor in advertising messages. An event that brings together every year the best talents in the world of advertising and the most recognized creatives to reward the best advertising works in which humor is the banner. This festival, which fits perfectly with Distrito Agencia “Ou yeah!”, has once again recognized the humor with which the Madrid agency works, making it appear in its record for the second consecutive year.

With the award

in the web spot category they won “Best brand development” thanks to this Christmas’ online campaign ” The magic of Ría “, a piece that plays with the real and dream Russia WhatsApp Number Data worlds. A joy for the advertiser Ria Money Transfer, rewarding his communication and taking a great step in his evolution as a brand. The other recognition rewards the agency’s own communication. In this case its own website was awarded “Best Web Design.” A page without any waste and that mixes the professionalism of the team with its daring. Casual tone with expressions such as “Neither hosting nor hostiangs” for its web design service.

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Last year around this time

the agency presented its new image change, including a new website that has now received an award for humor. Distrito Agencia tells about its multitude of services Vietnam Telegram Number with an ironic tone, a total divorce with messages such as “trust professionals” or “360 experts.” Above all, their messages are original and creative. They really convey precisely what they want to sell to brands for their campaigns. If reaching high places makes you dizzy. In times when “everything is already invented” creativity is valued more. Luckily there are agencies like Distrito that are committed to close messages. Show that with it it is possible to make a difference.

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