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cannot be used as a personal computer. If you want to change or modify an old program, you must modify the entire program. Some types of Arduino do not offer built-in wired or wireless modules. Memory capacity is small. The storage space is truncated because it is used for the bootloader. Clock speed is lower. So what is Arduino? That’s it for our discussion of Arduino. Arduino itself is an open source device commonly used in designing and manufacturing electronic devices. Furthermore, the software is easy to use and facilitates the user’s work. It has many uses, one of which is developing devices that can work automatically. There are also three important components on every Arduino board, these three 

components are pins, microcontroller,

 and connectors. Arduino has several advantages and disadvantages compared to similar devices. Some advantages of Arduino are that it is ws database relatively cheap, easy to use for beginners, and has a ready-made library. However, keep in mind that this Arduino also has disadvantages, such as the inability to install an operating system and therefore not be able to be used as a personal computer, lower clock speed, less storage space, etc. This is our discussion this time. how? Are you interested in trying Arduino? For beginners, you can learn the programming language used and try to assemble an Arduino device using a simulator. 

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and look forward to our next article. goodbye! What is Arduino? Deep understanding – the end Also read the following featured articles: The largest Phone Number AU programming language community from 2017 to 2021 – Dicoding Blog Learning C Programming Language for Beginners – Dicoding Blog Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2021 – Dicoding BlogDecoded: 7 years of mastering digital talent In almost every employee interview opportunity, I am asked “What was the main reason for building Dicoding?” Wanting to help develop digital talent in Indonesia was the main reason why dicoding was born in early 2015. My eight (8) year career at Nokia and Microsoft has shown me that Indonesia needs a larger scale approach to increasing the number of digital talents. The World Bank also released a report stating that Indonesia will need 9 million digital 

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