A large direct and channel sales force

Although they’ve been compared with Lithium in the past. We don’t see them as a direct competitor as both these vendors will develop friction directly with the larger enterprise software players. Jive’s CEO Tony Zingale has been quoted as diminsihing the incumbents as having Social media “bolt on” features and Jive bloggers are already throwing bombs at CRM vendors. Yet, expect these incumbents to use their existing enterprise footprints. CIO relationships, and direct and channel sales teams to their advantage. Altimeter Group’s Take Jive has hit a milestone moment.

This 30mm dowry prepares

Them to move into a new category. This is an accelerant. This money will be used for rapid expansion as organic growth will not be enough. To achieve velocity that existing enterprise incumbents may already be able to leverage. Jive Algeria WhatsApp Number List must partner with more system integrators. Enterprise class software vendors, and integration providers. To gain a solid foothold with enterprise buyers. The money is clearly in the enterprise buyer market where existing ERP. CRM budgets can be gleaned. Expect Jive to bolster recurring revenues. And stabilize growth, and prepare for an IPO in 2011.

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An achievement we haven’t heard

Much about here in Silicon Valley for nearly 10 years. The Bottom Line For Competitors Don’t Be Last To Play Catchup Market and solution footprint. Consolidation will continue around the key components of social business. Expect Switzerland Phone Number List market laggards and legacy competitors. To work out their build/buy decisions over the next 8 to 12 months. Most legacy software vendors lack not only the R&D prowess. But also the DNA to successfully launch a social product. Early consolidators will gain the best deals. Laggards will be odd man out during the rapid. Therefore, consolidation in the next 18 to 24 months . In conclusion, the Bottom Line For Buyers Invest In Jive But Keep Them Vested In Your Success.

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