Let’s not go crazy with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, lets-notand more specifically generative artificial intelligence (technology on which tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, etc. are based), is evolving at a spectacular speed.Let’s not Everywhere we seeLet’s not uses or possible uses of this technology (such as the tests that . Google is doing to change the way its search engine works by applying artificial intelligence ). I agree that this is all incredible and that we are going to see great progress in the coming months and years. I myself got carried away in the article about the Google search engine. That said. IIbelieve that the size of the waves generated by new trends is increasing, and so is their fall from their crest.

We have seen this recently with the metaverse,lets-not

Both technologies have a more than spectacular future, but not so . Much in the present. Let’s notTo explain it, the law defined by Roy Amara seems top industry dat perfect to me: We tend to overestimate the short-term effect of technology . And underestimate the long-term effect. As I showed you in my article about the revolution that ChatGPT caused when it reached the general public, Gartner ‘s adoption curve . Of new technologies estimates that this technology will begin to mature in a period of 2 to 5 years.Let’s not Gartner AI Adoption Curve We do not comment on the same mistakes of the past with artificial intelligence In this sense, I like the approach of the.  MIT Sloan Management Review article , which warns of the mistakes previously made with other technologies.

lets-notIintelligence has a great future, but…Let's not

We have to be patient and wait for it to settle, we have to think about the things that we can already.  Apply to our daily lives (at the moment few that are really useful and reliable) and see what limitations and protocols are Phone Number AU established. Whether we agree or not, we have already seen limitations in other countries. limitations on use in companies (Telefónica. BBVA, etc.) due to the problems related to privacy that it can cause (any data that we put in . ChatGPT or similar,Let’s not passes to be part of the system), low quality of the content it generates, etc.

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