Organizations with purpose are born

Today is a very special day! Purpose Driven Organizations are born . It is a project that Laura Casares and I launched. A project that has adapted to the new context since its conception, since Laura lives in Amsterdam and I live in Madrid. We don’t even know each other in person! (At the end of the article you have a presentation video , and you can download a PDF with extra information) . We are two professionals with extensive experience in very different sectors, who have found purpose to be the key to guiding companies to their natural place in the market. We unite two services that only exist separately: the definition of the brand purpose and the business and marketing strategy .

Why is it necessary for your company to become an organization with purpose?

The current context and the obsessive search for sales has distanced companies from their top industry data customers. As a consequence, companies and their audiences have distanced themselves, they have disconnected. We can intuit this from our own relationship with the majority of brands we consume, but the reality is perhaps more impressive (Mckinsey Study 2009): Companies’ marketing actions are only present in 33% of pre-. Purchase interactions. In the remaining two-thirds, brands are neither there nor expected. Customers do not trust brands to make their purchasing.  Decision, and look for spaces outside their influence in which to make that decision.

How can we RE-connect companies with their customers?

I think we are at an inflection point in which, for the most part, the company-customer relationship is. Distant and both parties need each other to move forward. It seems that companies are realizing that their impact on society (and their responsibility) goes far beyond the.  Commercial. And on the other hand, customers are looking for something more than products or Phone Number AU services in their relationship with companies. They look for companies that go further and that add value (to them and to society). According to the Meaningful Brands study . (Havas, 2019): In Spain, 50% of customers prefer to buy from brands with which they share values That’s why they need a reference, a common . Point that makes their relationship change from purely commercial to something more. And this is precisely the purpose of the brand.

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