Return to the essence of the business

Return to the essence of the business. How poetic that sounds, right? At first glance it may seem that way, but in addition to being poetic, it is directly applicable to companies and a decision that many companies should consider. Companies are born with a clear purpose in mind , their founders are clear about why they founded the company (beyond the product). But, with the passage of time and the growth of the organization, this purpose becomes diluted and the company loses its direction. In my work with SMEs in marketing mentoring, I have the opportunity to observe this phenomenon first hand . Something that has been accentuated with the crisis caused by COVID.

Deviations in the brand positioning of a company

But what happens with the passage of time? The direction of the company changes, the market changes, economic crises, etc. and this positioning (derived from its brand purpose) is shifting. Sometimes the category email list company moves through its “success zone” because it makes improvements in its offer, but when problems arise, the temptation is to move towards the areas where the competition is (and supposedly a larger audience), and this makes the company positioning changes and its initial brand purpose is diluted. There are three options, each worse:

Risk zone: where all its members have similar value

in these cases the company completely deviates from its essence and tries to attract customers by imitating the competition in what they do well, but it is not the company’s strong point. Error zone: when the company Phone Number AU completely lacks vision and strategy and offers something that its audience is not looking for. Deviation from the initial brand positioning Tristán ElóseguiIn these movements, it is common for the company to compete with companies that are, in addition to being larger, much better at delivering that value proposition. They have been doing it for longer and our company is going to have a hard time competing with them. When sales are scarce or we see great opportunities in other markets, the temptation to go for them is great.

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