Show us the largest stock of images in the world in which stereotypes do not fit

Show us according to data from a Dove study, 70% of women say that they still do not feel represented in the images they see daily in the press or advertisements and 67% ask that brands take a step forward and be responsible with the type of stock images they use. Likewise, on Getty Images, the search term “real people” increased by 192% in the last year , while “diverse women” increased by 168% and “strong women” by 187% and shows a growing need for stock images that include women in leadership and empowerment roles and settings with searches for “women leaders” increasing by 202%. On the other hand, Alfonso Pérez from Samsung Electronics has presented Bixby , the company’s new voice assistant.

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ShowUs #ShowUs/ Getty Images These data show the demand for more realistic portraits of both women and beauty. To respond to this reality and free women Lebanon Telegram Number Data from limiting stereotypes, Dove, along with its partners Getty Images and Girlgaze , has introduced Project #Show Us, its largest and most ambitious initiative to date. With more than 5,000 images. The #ShowUs Project is the world’s largest stock photo library created by women. Gender non-binary people to break down stereotypes around beauty. On the phones there will be a button to activate the system, which will work with artificial intelligence allowing it to know our habits and give us what we are looking for in the most adapted way possible.

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Sol Bela #Show Us #ShowUs/ Getty Images This content is now available to the media, The advertising sector, whose professionals will be able to view. License Kenya Telegram Number and use the selected material in their next projects or campaigns. At the same time. Dove is asking creative and media professionals to join them in redefining the way women are visually represented in the images we see in our daily lives. Portraying beauty in a more diverse and inclusive and building women’s confidence. Simply showing them how they want to be seen. Today we learned about the latest in voice technology. With the presentation of Voikers as a new partner that offers advertisers the option of developing voice strategies. Both in technology and content.

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