Solán de Cabras and Emov join forces on a journey towards sustainability

Solán de Cabras The origin of in nature and for this reason, its commitment to the environment takes on special relevance for the brand, which works daily to achieve its goal of being increasingly sustainable. , in collaboration with Emov , the electric mobility. Therefore, service, has launched an initiative in favor of the environment. The new bottles of Solán de Cabras Mineral Water will be available to all users. Therefore, of Emov, the carsarhing service that offers 100% electric cars to get around Madrid while taking care of the environment. Wants to accompany Emov in its daily commitment to sustainability and demonstrate that it is already carrying out its own.

Recycled PET

In terms of bottling, the use of for its packaging stands out, which is currently 50% for the 1.5L and 0.33L formats; and 30% in the rest of the products, in all cases Kuwait Telegram Number Data being 100% recyclable plastic. Jesús Núñez, General Director of the Mahou San Miguel Water Unit explains “At Solán de Cabras we are. Therefore, committed and want to have packaging that is increasingly responsible for our planet. It is a long road that has not. Therefore, ended, and to have more nature-friendly packaging we have been incorporating RPET into them, until we reach 50% recycled PET in our entire range.

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First step Solán de Cabras

It is a and we continue working on increasingly sustainable and respectful packaging.” Thanks to this union, Emov consumers will have the opportunity to enter Italy Telegram Number a draw on social networks to get free driving minutes in this initiative active until March 31. With actions like this, Solán de Cabras. Therefore, demonstrates its commitment and responsibility to the environment , giving it visibility through this type of activations that. Therefore, encourage the reduction of the environmental footprint.

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