Alain Afflelou presents his “Magic” collection with magic, color and glitter

Original, happy, musical and with a very digital communication code . Therefore , This is MAGIC by Afflelou, the new Havas campaign for Alain Afflelou that aims to reflect a modern, pop and energetic world, and that breaks with the traditional advertising codes on television in the optical sector . The objective of this campaign is to present the new MAGIC collection , a range that includes more than 20 different, innovative and chic frames with clips of all shapes and colors that vary infinitely. Creativity immerses us in a modern. Therefore , glamorous and explosive world, reinforced with a 360 communication plan in conventional, digital and customer relationship media (CRM) .

MAGIC by Afflelou

presents a fun and young spot with a bright and vibrant color code, which is already being broadcast on the main national and thematic channels. The piece illustrates Japan Email list the ease of transforming the look. Therefore , the possibility of having different glasses in one and the technicality of its interchangeable clips that adapt to all situations in a second. MAGIC is Alain Afflelou’s solution for those who want to change their style in a quick and easy way . If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . The magic of the interchangeable clips will allow the user to transform glasses. Therefore , prescription or not, into sunglasses, polarized glasses, night driving glasses.

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Glasses to protect

Themselves from the harmful effects of blue light, to watch 3D movies and even to see better up close if equipped with progressive lenses… all in a Spain Phone Number List second. «MAGIC by Afflelou is a revolution in the optical market since its wide range of frames and clips changes the relationship we have with our glasses, giving them all the uses we want. Everything changes in a clip. “That’s what’s magical!” explains Eva Ivars, general director of Alain Afflelou Spain. In digital media, the campaign will be present on all Afflelou’s social networks with the organization of raffles and the dissemination of all possible combinations of clips through its Magic web configurator.

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