Beon develops a creative concept for Action Against Hunger

Beon develops Action Against Hunger, in its commitment to support the entrepreneurship of young people who, due to various circumstances, neither study nor  work, known as ‘NEETS’ , trusted beon . to create a campaign that would give a twist to this idea, and to help him promote his project ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Itineraries’ , aimed at young people between 16 and 30 years old who are outside the labor market and formal education. Emptying your engine shouldn’t empty your bank account,” focusing on your gas stations, or “ Here your money is worth more “.

From there the agency Beon develops

has launched an online and offline marketing campaign , which includes the development of different graphic pieces that help disseminate Taiwan Phone Number Data the project, as well as a campaign on social networks, and the design and implementation from the landing page. Thus, Action Against Hunger has begun its journey through different cities in the national territory promoting ‘We are the IN Generation’ and offering young people in this situation the opportunity to accompany them, advise them and train them during their path towards the creation of an entrepreneurial project, through the ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Itineraries’.

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In the towns of Madrid

Barcelona and Pamplona , ​​but they will continue in other cities.The BETC agency and E.Leclerc have launched Malaysia Phone Number List the campaign “Defending everything that counts for you”, which consists of several outdoor pieces and two 30-second ads. The action focuses on sending a message to its customers so that they know that the company cares as much or more than they do about expenses. The graphic pieces feature images of purchase receipts with messages such as “Stop spending large amounts of money on your little one,” focusing on baby products.

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