The Ampe Awards reveal the names of the finalist pieces of its latest edition

Since 1969, the associated advertising media have awarded the Ampe Awards to recognize the best advertising creativity with its correct adequacy and adaptation to the medium. On April 2. To select the finalist advertising pieces in each of the media. The chosen pieces compete for the Ampe de Oro Award in the categories of Cinema, Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines. Outdoor and Internet and the Great Ampe de Oro in the Multimedia category .

The Grand Jury

was chaired by Mr. GONZALO SANCHEZ-TAIZ , General Director of McCANN Spain and was composed of the following people: Secretary Laos Phone Number Data of the Association: Ms. Macarena Muñoz-Rojas Notary: Ms. Blanca Valenzuela On behalf of the Creative Agencies: Mr. Toni Valdés. Creative Executive Director of ARNOLD MADRID Mr. Joaquim Ramis. CEO of PROXIMITY ESPAÑA Mr. Pablo Torreblanca, General Creative Director of PINGÜINO TORREBLANCA On behalf of Advertisers: Ms. Isabel Ontoso. Branding Director of EL CORTE INGLES Ms. Edith Marzoa. Head of Advertising at AUDI On behalf of the Media Agencies : Ms. Pilar Veguez.

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Chief Client Officer

of POSTERSCOPE Ms. Cristina Barranco, General Director of INITIATIVE Mr. Alvaro Bermudez de Castro, IC Partner of MINDSHARE The Belgium Phone Number List Members of the Association: Ms. Cristina Gonzalo Orchando, Marketing Director of GRUPO PRISA Mr. Juan Hevia-Aza, Marketing Director of CM VOCENTO Ms. Susana Ibañez. Deputy Director of Marketing and Data at ED. CONDENAST Mr. José Manuel Rodrigo. President of SMARTCLIP Mr. Alberto Ramos. Market Director of ATRESMEDIA Mr. Francisco Bersabé. Marketing Director MOVIEDIS MEDIA CINE Mr. Ruben Cordero. Commercial Director of GODO ESTRATEGIES Ms. Maite Rodriguez. General Commercial Director of CLEAR CHANNEL And the list of finalist pieces that compete for the Ampe de Oro and Gran Ampe de Oro are the following.

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