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Trends 21 the Companies from all sectors are increasingly betting on the digitalization of all their operations , but not all of them can count on a department specialized in cybersecurity . To prevent this type of attacks, it is necessary to have a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that guarantees its proper functioning in optimal conditions. The problem arises when the infrastructure is so complex that it is difficult to monitor all the activities carried out to discover possible vulnerabilities. It is the company’s responsibility not only to protect itself, but also to protect its customers’ data , for which they must have a system that detects all existing threats.

Digital Security and Surveillance Center (CSVD)

For cases like this, A3Sec has the that is responsible for monitoring all activities that occur on external and internal networks in order to prevent cyberattacks. It is an interdisciplinary Switzerland Telegram Number Data group – geographically distributed between Spain, Mexico and Colombia – Trends 21 the that works hand in hand investigating different detections, bringing them to a fine-tuning point that generates a high management capacity, thus allowing us to be as efficient and effective as possible in the use of available resources. Impact of using CSVD on business Having a system as powerful as CSVD in the business will allow us to solve most of the organization’s weaknesses in terms of cybersecurity , focusing on building a solid foundation for detecting vulnerabilities based on data and complying with sector regulations.

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Trends 21 the implies having a solution that offers us

-Complete cybersecurity service : Starting with prevention, the CSVD performs a complete scan of the company’s weak points, sweeping the organization’s internal and Belgium Phone Number List external network and detecting which data may be most vulnerable to a cyber attack. -Accessibility for any company: Having a solution with these characteristics is not exclusive to large companies, since the services are affordable for any type of SME. -The latest in technology: the CSVD has not only a multidisciplinary team that will be aware of all the movements that occur in the organization’s infrastructure, but also a high level of automation (which avoids repetitive and inefficient tasks) and a workflow between all the tools that allow high control of the company’s networks.

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