Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager

Digital mediums between customers and companies took off so quickly. The first year, it was just a murmur online and now it’s spread on its own to physical events around the world. I had nothing to do with the first group (Boston) leading the first ever physical event, but then quickly suggested that other regions (even my local area SF) to step up. Blogs, Tweets, Pictures, and Videos of CMAD around the Globe: Below I’ll curate the interesting voices around the world at the 2nd annual Community Manager Appreciation Day. Find events and voices First of all, see all the regions around.

The globe and the companies

Individuals that backed the physical events Physical events in Boston, NY, Austin, London, Barcelona, SF, Denver, Narobi, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Bolivia and Jordan. Then, see the waterfall of folks talking about the Community Singapore Phone Number List Manager role on Tweets tagged #CMAD It’s the second highest trending topic in Spain (They’re using the tag #CMDay) -Spanish Boston has their own Twitter stream #BosCMAD Press Spanish news site Silicon News covers the day (see in English) Business Insider covers the day Discussions about the role See the Wikipedia page Stats from Alterian.

Phone Number List

Also see it embedded

Below The Community Manager at Reddit receives praise, and read the Q&A Africa celebrated Community Manager Africa Phone Number List Awareness Day, see post and videos Connie Bensen from Alterian shares stats, also she shares what it’s like in the role. The folks at Fresh Networks discuss the Pros and Cons Sysomos does analysis on the event A community managers job never ends at 6pm by Social Media Club See Spain’s Community Manager Day website -Spanish More discussions spreading the globe and more here -Spanish What is a Community Manager? -Spanish IT Espresso -Spanish 15 Essential articles.


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