This brand asks Meghan Markle not to pose after giving birth to raise awareness about the reality of postpartum

This brand online marketing agency Mediacore Solutions has adapted . Therefore ,  its business structure to incorporate the new business solutions included in its portfolio of services . Therefore ,  while at the same time it has renewed its corporate identity with the change of its logo and the launch of a new website. In this way, in a year in which it celebrates its fifth anniversary . Therefore ,  as an independent agency, it takes another step in business growth with the incorporation of new areas of activity and the acquisition of new clients .

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In this way, to respond to the needs of the sector and especially its. The structure of the agency has been completely renewed. Therefore , which now includes four main areas: the existing Qatar Telegram Number Data media and technology areas are joined by those of business and creativity.The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has marked a before and after in British royalty, moving away from . Therefore ,  outdated protocols and imposing new rules more in line with new times. His incorporation into the British royal family has brought a breath . Therefore ,  of fresh air to an institution characterized by its rigidity and rectitude. That is why the Fridababy brand wanted to use it to launch a powerful social message.

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She has done so through a page in the New York Times . Therefore ,  where she asks the future mother not to pose in front of the press after giving birth. This traditional scene that has Thailand Telegram Number been produced with all births is, an unrealistic image of what giving birth entails. In fact, Kate Middleton surprised everyone by leaving . Therefore ,  the hospital and posing with her children in her arms just a few hours after giving birth to them and with a perfect image. But recovering from childbirth takes much more than . Therefore ,  a few hours or a few days. Thus, in the letter, they seek to move the conversation away from the figure of Markle and focus it on what a pregnancy and the recovery period she needs means for a woman.

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