CEOs should lead the change of their companies” S García

PS21 held Trends 21 today at the Cinesa Proyecciones cinemas in Madrid, CEOs should an event that brought together entrepreneurs and executives from the sector to show them the market trends that will help them transform their companies. A call that “has been a complete success”, in the words of Agustín Vivancos , founder and CEO of the company who, for the first time, has given the reins of the presentation to Sergio García , strategy director, who has been in charge of showing some of the most relevant examples in transformation, and has offered attendees multiple key learnings to start applying to their brand.

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Always talked about technologies,” Sergio pointed out, “but they did not explain the changes, so at trends21 we wanted to go further and understand Turkey Phone Number Data how consumer and business behavior is changing ,” he began. Regarding business models , Sergio commented that five years ago they began to “Uberize”, a concept that implied that with a button you could have a service. But this year, the focus is on the rise of platforms , which completely change brands’ business models. “Brands are changing their management models towards direct to consumers ,” explained Sergio, since thanks to the platforms they control all interaction with their consumers themselves.

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Communication level CEOs should

Opted for the consumer, and for maintaining direct contact with them, thus challenging the big brands,” he added. One of the examples of New-Zealand Phone Number List these brands is Jet , which went from being born as a retail startup to being acquired by Walmart for 3.3 billion . Or Clean Clothes , which is applying its learnings to transform its products into services. This year we focus on voice technology , which goes beyond screens.


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