“We take advantage of small opportunities,” JL. Moro

In 1992, Pablo Torreblanca and José Luis Moro began working together at the Contrapunto agency and, since then, their professional trajectories have always gone hand in hand, until 2014, the year in which they decided to embark on their own project and open Pingüino Torreblanca . Next May, Pingüino Torreblanca will turn five years old, and in light of this event, at we have taken advantage of its presence at the c de c Festival to interview its founding partners and discover the keys to its success. We take in just five years since its creation, this agency has managed to enter the ranking of the 10 most creative agencies in the country (according to data from the latest “Agency Scope” prepared by Scopen ), which implies that its founders make a very positive balance. of these years.

In five years

it has become an established agency “Five years ago we were two creatives who left the Remo agency with a dream: to create our own Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data agency, in which we could do what we were really passionate about,” confesses José Luis. An opinion with which Pablo completely agrees, for whom “having managed to turn a team of two people into a consecrated agency ” has already been quite an achievement. Despite its short career, Pingüino Torreblanca has already worked for brands such as Bosch and Siemens Appliances, El Corte Inglés, Bankia or Multiópticas among others, although if they have to highlight a success story, José Luis and Pablo highlight the case of Yoigo , brand for which they have developed a completely new repositioning and strategy and which has become a highly successful campaign in terms of notoriety and results.

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Smaller clients with little investment

Agency they do not forget their beginnings (which they remember as complicated), in which they worked with but who were looking India Phone Number List for daring and disruptive creativity. Projects that today, despite being a successful agency, they continue to bet on. “One of our virtues has been knowing how to take advantage of all the small opportunities that have arisen from day one,” admits José Luis. Torreblanca Penguin Looking ahead to the next five years and the plans they will have until then, Pablo is clear that there is no defined strategy , and that they will continue doing the same thing they have been doing since day one: “work, do it with enthusiasm , with desire, continue being happy and see where this takes us,” he comments on the matter.

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