How you can improve your CRM

How you `CRM , acronym in English for customer relationship management , which could be translated as “customer relationship management” , appeared in the business ecosystem during the 1980s . Therefore , as an evolution of customer database management . Customers Of very special importance in B2B environments, the first CRMs were complex and rudimentary systems , and their implementation required a lot of time . Therefore , as well as certain cultural and organizational changes for the company. A few years later, CRM software began to include lead qualification functionalities, as well as a certain automation of processes . Therefore , both sales and lead nurturing. Since the origin of CRMs, email has become popular and positioned as one of the main channels in which to develop the relationship between companies and their customers.

These management systems

Which has caused to become popular at the same time. Despite this popularization, CRM and its validity and relevance have been questioned on many occasions, especially since they Singapore Telegram Number Data are generally complex systems in their implementation. The perspective of relationship marketing, which is based on the creation. Maintenance of long-term relationships between companies and their customers . Therefore , undoubtedly one of the main reasons why CRM has perpetuated itself as the default customer management system. for almost all companies in the world. In November 2018, the first Customer engagement & CRM scope study was presented in Madrid . Therefore , which analyzes the current situation of the CRM discipline, as well as customer loyalty and commitment .

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Lack of dedication

One of the most striking conclusions of the study is that, despite the to the electronic channel. The lack of segmentation and the poor monitoring of the actions UK Telegram Number carried out, all those activities that have some relationship with the CRM They are directly responsible for an average of 21% of the company’s sales . What would happen if it really mattered? How can CRM be improved? Among the main conclusions of the study is the one that states that the implementation of a CRM project in a company . Therefore , from approval to launch, takes an average of 16.4 months . Implementing a CRM culture is a long task . Therefore , it must be for the result to be the best possible . Therefore , but it seems that improvement will necessarily involve greater agility in this regard. This improvement in times when implementing a CRM should not imply a lack of attention.

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