Mediacore Solutions renews its structure and corporate image

The online marketing agency Mediacore Solutions has adapted its business. Structure to incorporate the new business solutions included in its portfolio of services . Therefore , while at the same time it has renewed its corporate identity with the change of its logo and the launch of a new website. In this way, in a year in which it celebrates its fifth anniversary as an independent agency. Therefore , it takes another step in business growth with the incorporation of new areas of activity and the acquisition of new clients . In this way, to respond to the needs of the sector and especially its current. Potential clients, the structure of the agency has been completely renewed . Therefore , which now includes four main areas: the existing media and technology areas are joined by those of business and creativity.

The creative department

Specifically, has grown exponentially in recent months, offering services such as creative conceptualization , digital production of both web and static and dynamic Russia Telegram Number Data creatives , and the production of animations and videos . For its part, another of the great novelties is the launch of a business area . Therefore , which offers activities such as digital strategy, media auditing, outsourcing and “in-plant” operations and training. Likewise, the two main areas in which Mediacore Solutions ‘ activity has been structured since its inception have been supported and reinforced . Mainly focused on Display advertising through programmatic purchasing and RTB . Therefore , other of its main services in the media field are SEM, SEO, Paid Social, Community Management and Branded Content.

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Adserving and trafficking

On the other hand, in the technology section, the agency offers specific products . Therefore ,  services such as RTB (Real Time Bidding), CRM, DMP, web analytics, and Turkey Telegram Number web programming and management. In line with this renewed structure and the notable growth in turnover and client portfolio experienced during 2018 . Therefore ,  mediacore Solutions has launched its new corporate identity . Therefore , which includes a new logo and new website. As the CEO and founder of the agency, Julio Sola . Therefore , has pointed out, the change has been made with the objective of “renewing and updating the image to adapt it to the new structure . Therefore , portfolio of services and an ecosystem that requires constant innovation.

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