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 include ensuring that IBM JTI’s internal core applications are running as expected, automating internal team business processes (such as Finance and HR), and managing IBM JTI’s core applications. The experience he gained at Bangkit helped Reza with work involving legacy code in the application. He has a deep understanding of html, css, and JS. Being part of a subsidiary of an American multinational company is an achievement that Reza is very proud of. He is very happy because Reza’s company now attaches great importance to improving the quality of its employees through various skills improvement and learning activities. The knowledge Reza gained at Bangkit, such as soft skills, adaptability and time management, he believes will be very useful in his career. 

Take advantage of this opportunity.

 Rise is truly an opportunity to showcase yourself to the fullest,” Reza told Bangkit 2022 attendees. Reza knew that the  whatsapp database path he took was very difficult and that many young people might take detours like him. But Reza repeatedly emphasized that “as long as we have patience and hard work, all our efforts will be rewarded!” Finally, Reza mentioned that becoming the best version of ourselves is the key to rising “higher” step by step. Read inspiring stories from other Bangkit graduates below Rise changed my life Challenge your own limits Rise Unicorn Internship Opportunities.Understanding Cognitive Learning Theory Learning is a major activity that we humans engage in. Basically learning can happen anytime, anywhere, using any media. There are many learning theories, one of which is cognitive learning theory. 

So this time we will discuss

cognitive learning from the meaning, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of cognitive learning. So, please read this article carefully so as not t Phone Number AU o miss any information. What is cognitive learning theory? Cognitive learning theory is a theory that describes learning as consisting of multiple processes, including analyzing, processing information, predicting, and solving problems. This theory prioritizes the learning process rather than the learning outcomes. By applying this theory, you can make the learning process easier and solve future problems. You can also apply this cognitive learning method when learning programming at Dicoding, you know. There are a lot of programming materials you can learn, such as Google Cloud, Front-end Web, and more. Come on.

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