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Their hair and  Of the mium us are more important. Therefore, new tools can also be plac on the market to meet the nes of this audience. They will be welcom in a positive way as long as they fulfill the connecting function and simplify this action. All these new tools, driven and us by Generation C, will thus transform the way we work and the way we consume for all of us. “ Innovation has never come through bureaucracy and hierarchy. It has always come through individuals. John Sculley American executive of Pepsi and Apple.

The effects of an increasingly

Digitaliz world are evident as they have influenc seo expate bd every moment of our lives. Three elements powerfully reinforce each other in our time: consumer awareness, technological push and economic benefits. Consumer Awareness: Consumers, especially Generation C, have already fully adapt to the digital environment. Naturally, they expect to be always connect , willing to share some personal data, and are more likely to trust referrals from their closest friends than brands. That barrier of distrust that characteriz the first years of the new millennium in which customers in Italy were still afraid of being defraud online because they us a crit card has fallen.

Technological push

Digital technology continues to expand its Phone Number AU influence. The backbone of the infrastructure of the digital world is bringing broadband to billions of consumers, even if in Italy we are still far behind other industrializ countries. Low-cost connect devices are being deploy in every industry while in parallel cloud computing and vast information processing machinery are developing rapidly. Greater customer awareness therefore pushes companies to innovate and go further to meet expectations. Economic benefits : The economic benefits to be experienc through digitalization are real.

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