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They say that old rockers never die, that this immortality has a selectively separate place for these types of guys, and in passing for some curs poets who occupy their decadent throne. A few days ago, walking through the immoral YouTube, I fell back on a symphonic concert by the now legendary Miguel Ríos Campaña, a Granada native who is rockingly approaching 75 years old, welcoming all the children of rock and roll, now grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. When television was still in black and white – except for those who already us Technicolor – and in Lima it was very difficult to be able to watch a program without a blackout surprising us in the middle of it, I frantically hung from the roof of the house to accommodate the spy antenna that connect me to UHF waves and so

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To this day, that amazing concert where Miguel Ríos revolves around that stage set up in several bullrings that brought together, they say, almost 800,000 people in almost 40 concerts and where he already sang: The old rockers, sneaks into my memory . They Never Die (1979), Rockanroll Boomerang (1980) and Rock of a Midsummer Night (1983). Although b2b email list the story of Miguel Ríos (Mike Ríos, the king of twist) goes back much further, from when he start working at a record label – a worthy first job for a musician – and lent his voice to bands like Los Canarios and Los Relámpagos, shaking the Elvis-style pelvis.


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 It will be in 1969 when he record The Hymn of Joy , twisting Beethoven’s neck and opening a new route for rockers, a daring that brought him total fame and the opening of the international market for his career. Miguel Ríos’s political position has never been a hidden mystery; in fact, he has always champion his left-wing ideals and has been one of the first defenders of romantic ecological ideals. As proof of Phone Number AU this he left us the pioneering album La huerta atomic (1976). It will be around the year 96 when I put together a sort of selection of Spanish songs: Joan Manuel Serrat, Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel and him, starting to roll throughout Spain and part of Latin America, managing to intertwine different rhythms, lyrics, proposals, and before everything, a lot of taste and too much art.

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