GUINNESS RECORD Truyol Digital prints the largest magazine in the world

Truyol Digital, a leading digital printing company in Spain. Broken a record by printing the largest magazine in the world with a closed dimension of GUINNESS RECORD 8.45 m2 – 3.18 m high and 2.65 m wide. We like challenges that allow us to do different things and improve ourselves every day. Truyol Digital’s philosophy is constant innovation, so when Pressgraph proposed this objective to us, we loved the idea of ​​being able to produce the largest magazine in the world, and we have achieved it,” celebrates Joaquín Truyol, general director of Truyol Digital.

The largest magazine

In the world, produced in Truyol Digital’s large-format facilities located in the Madrid municipality of Alcorcón. Has been printed on the HP Latex 3100 digital press with France Telegram Number Data ecological latex inks on a 150gr double-coated paper support. The coils used to achieve this world record have dimensions of 3.20 m high and 100 m wide. The binding of the largest magazine in the world, also by Truyol Digital. Has been done manually , including creasing, die-cutting and folding. Likewise, the magazine staples have been made of steel wire with rubber reinforcement to prevent tearing the paper.

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The fact of having printed GUINNESS RECORD

The largest magazine in the world is another milestone in the history of Truyol Digital, established as the leading digital printer in Spain and the fifth HP printer Australia Telegram Number worldwide. There is a mystery that each and every one of us has tried to solve. A mystery that goes beyond time and continues through generations: the mystery of the mismatched sock. No one has been able to find the reason why. Despite putting two socks in the washing machine, only one comes out. However, there are those who have found the solution to this frustrating situation.

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