EMR 2.0 represents cost savings A Galtieri

EMR 2.0 represents  as a leading advertising buying and selling company, one of the main topics that the experts of this company have addressed during the day has been the buy-side , a very popular term that refers to advice to institutions related to the purchase of investment services. Andrea Galtieri , buyer account director of the company in Italy, Spain and MENA, has been in charge of informing attendees about the role that the buy side will have during 2019. Regarding how to establish a transparency strategy in the market, Andrea has pointed out the importance of making transparent reporting of total income , which does not involve purchase commissions and which offers audited profits.

Rubicon Project

Galtieri spoke about the experience of , which in 2018 launched the 1st Price auction for all header bidding inventory , which implies leadership Israel Phone Number Data in the sector towards a more transparent and simplified market. EMRs offer greater visibility into the type of auction you are bidding on. Along these lines, Andrea explained that the introduction of EMR in Rubicon Project means that “buyers do not pay more for impressions in header bidding 1st Price”, and that this gives them greater visibility on the type of auction in which they are bidding. . It has also highlighted the importance of transparency in market places , which implies valid and authorized traffic, improves visibility and provides contextual brand protection.

Phone Number Data

Complex and competitive panorama

Regarding how companies will be able to compete in the that 2019 poses, Andrea has pointed towards EMR 2.0, the use of which represents Switzerland Phone Number List cost savings in the 2nd price auction environment , and which generates a saving of 10 in CPM. %. Andrea concluded her presentation by explaining that “the EMR improves results”, and that its use has led to savings in eCPM of more than 22% compared to 1st price. After a presentation by Tommaso Scudiero on the PMP, the topic of the buy side has been taken up in a round table in which Javier Tapia , from the Trade Desk, Álvaro Cristóbal , from Omnicom Media Group Spain and Verónica Revilla , from Telefónica, took part.

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