Maite Rodríguez, new general director of Clear Channel Spain

Maite Rodríguez in the last 5 years the marketing industry has changed more than in its entire history. In this complex environment, no one has the secret formula for success, but there are some who know how not to be left behind in a context of constant challenges and opportunities. Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever, is one of them. His vision of new marketing involves commitment, risk and also failure because, “if you don’t fail, you’re not trying hard enough,” he says in an article in The Drum where he offers some advice to the new generations. One of them is the physical, intellectual and emotional involvement. “Say yes to the difficult project, support your colleagues and clients when they need it.

Staying in the comfort zone is not an option

Likewise, Weed highlights the importance of challenging any ideas, barriers and creativity with a new thought. “What many people believe to be the truth is often just USA Telegram Number Data their opinion.” Therefore, it is considered crucial to have a diversity of opinions and experiences to develop creative solutions. Curiosity about the world, about consumers and about trends are also key for Weed, who believes that “to serve consumers better you need to be closer to them than anyone else. You need to do what they do, be where they are.” As a final piece of advice, Weed points out fun. Only through the passion that people put into what they do can good results be achieved. “We are creating impactful and creative campaigns that can change feelings, perspectives and actions around the world.

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This is something to be enormously positive about

Clear Channel has announced the appointment of Maite Rodríguez as the company’s new general director in Spain, replacing Eduardo Ballesteros who is leaving China Phone Number List the company after 7 years of employment. The company highlights Ballesteros’ work throughout this time developing “a key role in the growth and evolution of the company.” Likewise, they point out that this change is due to a matter of reorganization of the company’s structure in the commercial area to focus it on innovation, research and providing value to customers. For her part, Rodríguez assumes the position backed by a long career in the industry working in companies such as Nielsen España, Carat España, Grupo Kantar España, Conect España and Mindshare México.

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