Youtube the alternative to Google Ads for customer acquisition

Google Ads is a great recruitment tool. It allows you to place your value proposition in front of a potential client who is looking for you. There is no better way. It is true that it is not that simple, but the results can be spectacular. To achieve this you have to have previously impacted that user for the campaigns to really work. It is difficult for campaigns to be profitable if this has been the first impact. I could develop and detail this introduction much more, but I think the idea is perfectly understood. What happens when an SME with a limited budget wants to capture leads through Google Ads? That she meets reality.

Alternatives to Google Ads for capturing leads

Given this scenario, what can an .  SME or an entrepreneur do? As I commented in my article about the best digital marketing strategy for SMEs and entrepreneurs , I think they should be based on content. (SEO and social networks), supported by the rest of the channels to convert interest industry email list into leads (especially Google.  Ads and email marketing). That is, Google .  Ads as support, not as a priority acquisition channel as can occur in larger companies. But what happens when you need to accelerate sales acquisition.  The optimal alternative may be to increase investment in .  Display and .  Google Ads, but we have already seen that this is not always an alternative.

Customers have changed and companies must adapt

The digital behavior of our audience evolves .  At a slower pace than the Internet as such, but it has changed significantly in recent years.  changed. We increasingly do more and better research before buying, we are .  Larning to value the convenience of ads before clicking, we have our favorite online stores, the first thing Phone Number AU we do is look for digital alternatives to our needs… we .  Have many reasons to support this idea. This means that the need to offer the necessary content for our audience to make their purchasing decision has gone from being a good alternative to a necessity. More so if we take into account the effect that artificial intelligence is going to 

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