Your Summer 2022 Membership Update

Welcome one and all to our summer membership update of 2022. That’s a massive welcome to all 205.000+ of you. Dmi members. Did you know that since our last summer update our membership community has grown by nearly 50k new members? That means that on average we are welcoming a whopping 4.1k+ new members every month. I mean that is just wow!!!! It’s good to see that in this crazy. Scary world that dmi is a safe space for digital marketing professionals to come. Learn. Share and grow. In the latter half of this update. We explore how to overcome your fears and manifest some self-belief. Membership with dmi turns a big four years old this month and we would like to thank you all for your engagement and participation. Our membership offering continues to grow from strength to strength. I am delighte to announce that for the 3rd year in a row.

 We have been shortliste for membership

 We have been shortliste for membership organization of the year and for the 2nd year in a row we have been shortliste for best podcast. By the awarding body memcom. We have lots of lovely goodies to share with you. To celebrate this little milestone birthday. Celebrating 4 years of membership first up is a brand new whitepaper. google new data pretty It ensures customers have a positive experience on each channel. While acknowleging all their previous touchpoints with your brand.

We conduct research with cmo’s across the world

We conduct research with cmo’s across the world to find out what their mindset and focus is for 2022 and beyond. We hear how they view the digital marketing industry. Our role as professionals Phone Number AU in it. How we drive success to enhance brand awareness. Growth and return-on-investment (roi). We explore the potential for future changes and what you nee to be doing to fill the gaps (including skills gaps) to rise to the challenge. Download the whitepaper here. Next up. We have another free webinar for you folks -’ a straight talking guide on omnichannel marketing strategy’ on the 21st of july. Getting your omnichannel marketing strategy right can be positively transformative.

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