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A dedicated blog to your market, or super reviewers that provide detailed reviews about your products in online sites Online communities, Technorati data, and brand monitoring firms Unlike Absolute Influence, we’re looking for depth –not breadth of ability. Look for how detailed, knowledgeable and how much they engage with prospects and consumers. This measurement must be factored into the overall formula as they have direct influence during the decision making stage in lower funnel. Advocacy (Intention) Data that indicates a prospect is ‘willing’ to purchase, but has not yet.

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That they do so in public. Wish lists, shopping carts, or intention based data sources like Plancast, Facebook Events, Tripit, Dopplr. This data is difficult to get, as it’s currently not aggregated. Expects Social CRM systems to emerge that will help to assemble all this data around a single profile. Intention data is has high potential Venezuela WhatsApp Number List and therefore value, but low accuracy. Expect to factor in the chance that individuals will not move to the next stage, so conduct weighted averages here on probability. Advocacy (Purchase, or Post Purchase) This is the most key measure.

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When customers actually explicitly share with others that they have purchased a product, and may have posted an opinion, influencing others. A variety of locations like Twitter, review sites, blogs, and social networks. See how vertical based review sites are emerging like GDGT, where consumers share their technology products with Indonesia Telegram Number their peers, influencing purchase behavior. Since you’ve already factored in their influence from above, you’ll add sentiment and accuracy. The key that most marketers don’t realize is that here’s the opportunity to be proactive. If there are positive reviews, figure out how to broadcast them to other channels.

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