What is the biggest obstacle to taking advantage of digital marketing in a company?

Why does marketing have more or less weight in a company? What factors make marketing one of the success factors? Or putting it more colloquially, what makes marketing work in some companies and not in others? That’s one of the big questions we marketers face almost every day. As a way to open debate, I published a survey on LinkedIn to collect the opinions of other experts. The question was very simple: In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle to taking advantage of digital marketing in a company/project? As answers I chose four of the options that I considered closest. As you can see in the results, after just over 400 votes , the winning option was the lack of strategy .

What comes before the chicken or the egg? First the strategy or the factors that make it work?

It is clear, the strategy is the key, but what should we do for it to be successful once defined? To get an answer, we can look at the survey options, plus some suggested by voters, as factors of marketing success: Management commitment. Definition of a strategy. Training. The extra options suggested were: Digital culture. Resistance to change. Lack of resources. Obsession with short-term and unrealistic results. There were some industry email list other suggestions, but these are the main ones. I agree with all of them, but I think they can all be derived from the initial options. Based on the results of the survey, and my own opinion/experience, we can start from

The key for companies to take advantage of marketing is the commitment of the company's management or direction.

Why do I think management commitment is the key factor? For two fundamental reasons: Company culture : as with all great projects, the touchstone (what we must attack/change first) is Phone Number AU the company’s culture and people. And who best represents this in a company? In SMEs it is the founder, and in larger companies, the management (understood in its broadest sense). Implementation of large projects : for a project that touches so many areas of the company to be carried out, we need the project to start from management and, from there, go down to the rest of the areas. If we go from the bottom up, we are going to find countless obstacles that will cause the project to end up stopping. That is, we need leadership from management to get the rest of the company up and running.

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