What is an SEO migration and how to do it correctly? Step by step guide

What is an SEO, SEO migration is a term that we use. In Marketing to describe a set of more or less significant. Changes to a website. Modifications that may affect the positioning and visibility of said site in user searches. These modifications can range from tweaks to the URLs . Changes to the Web information architecture . To updating its design or moving the entire site to another new domain . The changes we talk about here normally impact the user experience (User Experience) and the visibility or ranking of the site within Google. Therefore. These processes should try to affect the Web authority and the indexing of the site as little as possible after being carried out. What types of SEO migration exist? As in other topics related to the Digital ecosystem.

What types of SEO migration exist?

What is an SEO, I would like to highlight that sometimes. To achieve a certain objective. Several types of migrations may be used email database at the same time. For example. ACMS change can be made and take advantage of the circumstance to execute a redesign of the Web architecture. Now. Let’s see what are the most common types of migrations: Types of SEO Migrations 1. Migration due to domain change This migration consists of moving the entire website to a new domain name (a new URL) . When you perform this migration. The address of your website changes. So it will be necessary to move all the files and inform Google. Users and other search engines about the change made. With the help of a good work methodology. We seek to transfer the positioning.

Migration due to domain change

redesign in order to prevent losses of visibility and positioning. In a migration due to redesign of the Phone Number AU architecture. It is essential to have a previous list of the site’s URLs to compare. It with the final result of the new Web structure. In this way. It is possible to check if each old address has its respective equivalent and/or redirection in the new structure. 3. Migration due to change of hosting Changing servers or hosting does not usually. Affect the SEO positioning of a site too much. However. It is essential to choose a server that meets the needs of your site . Has the appropriate storage space and offers high speed to ensure that the website has an excellent loading time. Allowing users to access the content in the shortest time possible.

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