Increases the technical quality of the websites of Spanish SMEs

Increases the technical the power of technology in the market has meant that, for years. Companies have been working to transform their business models to adapt to this new digital era. In this sense, all companies. Both multinational and small and medium-sized. Began investing their efforts years ago in creating a website that would allow them to reach more people and compete within the digital market. But, today, this does not seem to be enough. The market is increasingly competitive. So it is not only worth having a website, but it must be able to differentiate itself from the rest, and to achieve this it is essential that they offer their users the best possible content, and also do so with professionalism to achieve good SEO positioning. Spanish SMEs have already taken on this challenge, and more and more have a quality website.

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However, many of them still do not get the most out of them, most of the time due to a lack of knowledge on the part of their managers, their CEOs or their staff. And having New Zealand Email List a in an SME is almost an impossible mission, since it represents an enormous financial effort for them. But to face this challenge, there are platforms available to these SMEs, such as Informe Web, that do the work for them and determine the aspects that need to be improved. By simply entering the link of your company’s website in Web Report , it is able to offer you a personalized SEO report that explains the most important points that affect positioning, both in terms of search engines and to users.

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For SMEs it is essential to improve their SEO

since it focuses on organic search results, that is, those that are not paid. Having good positioning means that it will be easier for users to find your website over others Vietnam Phone Number List when they do a search. Therefore, in addition to analyzing technical variables that affect positioning, Web Report also assesses the usability and speed techniques of your website. After detecting errors on your website, this online tool offers you a report with the status of your website, breaking down each of the important points and offers you possible solutions and advice to improve each of them. To put these solutions into practice, Informe Web also offers a wide range of tools such as system generators, robots or htaccess, among others.

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